Saturday 22 January 2022

Space and SciFi

I don't know if there is a bigger variation in genres than there is in SciFi. It's a big stretch if you think of one end of it being Mel Brooks "SpaceBalls" and then look all the way to the other side with "Dune"
Those two movies are creatively light years apart, although they are still under the same umbrella.

Which is what had me thinking about where I wanted my books to land. While creating detailed worlds like in Dune is beyond what I wanted to work on, I do want more substance than the campy side of the genre. (Anyone else remember "Ice Pirates")

I'm trying to stay in and around the Firefly - The Expanse area of the genre. Thought out worlds but not super detailed to the point of information overload. I'm writing romance, so I still want the love story to be the focal point, which makes for a delicate balance act between the two. 

But, there are advantages to being able to create what ever I need around my characters to push them forward or throw more obstacles in front of them. 

Edits on this book are taking me a while because I don't want to mess this balance up, but I'm still hoping to have it ready for submission by the end of the month and then focus back on Sophia Meets Seduction.

It feels good to flexing these stiff creative muscles every day again. 

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