Sunday, 9 January 2022

Does it really count as writing.. if I'd doing everything but?

So much to accomplish and I'm behind as usual...but I have a valid excuse!

I've been taking some online how to craft workshops, Beat Sheets, Plotting,  Email Intensives, and Organization Techniques. All of them had great information that I can use, but it's kept me busy enough that I've fallen behind my writing goals....I may have spent 3 hrs watching the Hobbit the other day too ;)

But, I'm not so far behind that I won't meet my goals this quarter. I just need to stay focused and not panic because my two youngest are starting online school tomorrow. UGH. I feel for the teachers being forced back into this madness...all while I'm contemplating day drinking to combat the lack of quiet in my home. 

Such is the madness in a "pan-dammit". This will pass, and I won't let me liver be too damaged. 

I wonder how the gods in my books would handle this madness....and if one of them started this whole thing??

Feels like something Loki, Lugh or Eris would be behind. Just so they could sit back, drink and laugh while observing humans race around and try to figure it out while fighting with each other. 

Saturday, 1 January 2022

New Year Reflection and Goals

    Much like everyone else in the world, the last couple years have passed in a massive blur. It feels like December 2019 was just yesterday and here we are at the beginning of 2022.

    Personally, I've had a lot of false starts and failed attempts at much of my work. Along with a constant battle with imposter syndrome which fed my blocked creative flow....or vice verse. I'm not sure which came to the party first but they have both stayed far too long past last call. The lights are on and the bar is closing.

    We made a massive family move this past fall and relocated to the East Coast. I resigned from an employer I've been at for over twenty years. In the last three months I've realized I had been working in an incredibly toxic environment for a company that no one is allowed to say anything bad about. 

    It took leaving to realize how bad life had been.

    Having a successful NaNoWriMo went a long way to bolstering my confidence. I went in a completely different direction and wrote a SciFi romance. Which was a lot of fun and still is. Editing is a challenge as I'm still developing this work and the language that goes along with it. But, writing hasn't been this much fun in a long time. 

    I'm keeping my goals simple and obtainable for this year. If the last two years has taught me anything, it's not to trust reality to go sideways again. 

    Currently I'm editing my SciFi romance and plan to submit it to a publisher in February. I'm also writing the 3rd book to the Temptation of the Gods trilogy. You can see my progress in the column to the right of this page. :)

    I'm not sure what this year will bring, but I'm going to take it as it comes and adapt as I go. 

Monday, 26 April 2021


   Hudson Lin started #MotivationMonday. Each week she creates a post with quotes from authors on what motivates them to write.

This week featuring Chace Verity

Check out Second Chances: A Sapphic Romance Anthology, edited by Chace, here:

Over the years, I've developed a lot of bad habits that made writing miserable. But when I don't write, I keep dreaming about the worlds in my head. These days, I focus only on projects that will make me fall in love with writing again. @chaceverity Chace Verity

Monday, 19 April 2021


  Hudson Lin started #MotivationMonday. Each week she creates a post with quotes from authors on what motivates them to write.

This week is featuring, Andie J. Christopher. 

Check out Andie's latest book, HOT UNDER HIS COLLAR, at

I've always identified more with the sarcastic, fun side-kick than I have the protagonists in the rom coms. They're usually more fun, more sex, and all the good lines. I want to see happy endings for people who look like they're having the most fun--or at least who have interesting things to talk about in therapy. @authorandiej Andie J. Christopher

Monday, 12 April 2021


 Hudson Lin started #MotivationMonday. Each week she creates a post with quotes from authors on what motivates them to write. This week features one of my favourite authors 'Nathan Burgoine

Check out 'Nathan's latest, VILLAGE FOOL at

The first happy gay character written by a gay author I read was a defining moment. When I imagine giving that moment to another queerling, the words usually follow.

Monday, 5 April 2021


Hudson Lin started #MotivationMonday. Each week she creates a post with quotes from authors on what motivates them to write. This week she asked me to participate :) 

Monday, 29 March 2021

And the gold medal for self sabotage goes to....

It's been a tough couple of years writing wise....the lack of completed books has made that painfully obvious. And, the longer I go between books; it gives strength to the imposter voice in my head. 

The last three years have been a major upheaval in my personal life. I accepted a promotion at my day job, gained custody of two young children and, like every one else, I've been trying to slog my way through the new reality this pandemic has created for all of us.

Now, I'd love for this to be a post to say I've conquered it and have a stack of books on their way to the publisher...but that would be a big ole fabrication. But, I'm trying to work past that. I think that setting reasonable goals and keeping a set schedule might work best, at least I hope so. And if it doesn’t then I’ll try something else. I’m not ready to give up on writing, and the voices in my head are certainly not ready to let me go.

My first goal is to update this every Monday. And write 1K on my book each night. Yeah, that's a HUGH number considering how out of practice I am. But, I have an opportunity in May that I'd like to be able to pitch for and the book should be done before I set myself up like that. 

For now, here's a picture I took this weekend of a rainbow at the bottom of the American Falls. There is still a massive amount of snow and ice piled up on the rocks that makes them larger than they normally are.