Tuesday 30 April 2024

Working under pressure...

 I'm very excited!!

I have finished another round of edits on Beneath the Surface. All it needs is a solid beta read and then it should be ready to be published. I'm so freaking excited about this!! It's been a long haul back from crippling imposter syndrome and writer's block. But this summer I'll have a full length novel coming out and a short story in the the Ignite Your Soul anthology!

This anthology is a charity compilation put together to benefit Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. I'll be at Ignite Your Soul in August, my first book signing since the world went crazy a few years ago.


Ignite Your Soul Author Event 's 10th ANNIVERSARY is supporting the SickKids Foundation.

Paperback Pre-Order (available to pick up at the event on August 10, 2024):

Ebook Pre-Order: https://books2read.com/u/mZgWdR

This year's event will be held on August 10th, 2024 in Toronto, Ontario at Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport and Conference Centre (655 Dixon Road, Toronto Ontario)!

IYSAE website: http://www.igniteyoursoulauthorevent.ca


Friday 15 March 2024

Things I wish I was better at #48027r5908234-09

 Yup, were closing in on 2 years since I updated this page.... I'd promised that I'm going to make this more if a habit but...yeah. We all know how that will go. LoL

I'm much more active on FB and Insta than on my own little corner of the Internet. 

It's been a busy couple years. I won NaNoWriMo in 2022 and 2024 which I think it pretty awesome. I've been working on books but the imposter syndrome has been LOUD and STUBBORN!

But, I'm working on it. I'll be attending Ignite Your Soul Author Event this August and it's helped keep me focused. I want to have at least 1 book out before I go.

I'm going to be writing a prequel of sorts for a charity anthology they are creating for the event. I'll be a short story in the world of the Black Arrow.

The Black Arrow series is an idea I've been toying with for the last couple years. A Robin Hood type group of deadly mercenaries that roam their part of the universe trying to right wrongs. 

Certainly darker than the original Robin Hood books but I couldn't help but put a bit of dark humour in there 

One of my favourite characters in all the Robin Hood franchises was Alan Rickman's Sherriff of Nottingham. I love all the silly quips and campiness of this particular portrayal. 

As is normal when my brain works on a book, as I'm going through it I start thinking of side projects, follow up books and characters. But, often as is the case I can't fit is all in the 1st book. So my short story will be a bit of an introduction into the crew and the acquisition of new crew member who will be a large part of book 3. :)  It will take place concurrently to Book 1 which focuses on a single crew member who is working undercover and ends up in a dangerous predicament. 

I'm posting my new cover below! I haven't shared this anywhere else and won't until I get closer to release day. But for the few that still meander to my small corner of the vast internet, this is for you.

I love this cover so bloody much! And I love that I'm getting back to my original love of writing bisexual menages! 
Please let me know in the comments what you think of this one!!!


It’s every biologist’s dream to discover new ecosystems, but when Alnilam found life on a planet reported to be uninhabited, her superior officer rewarded her discovery by dumping her overboard. Plucked from the surface, she realizes she’s been captured by people she can help. Now she has to convince them she can find the cure to the mystery bacterium infesting their city.

Alnilam came equipped with translators, but even she can’t comprehend why her sexy captors are the ones who are protecting her from the government that doesn’t want her there. These two men have every reason not to trust her, but she has to trust them if she has any hope for surviving in a culture that views Earthlings as an invasive alien force.

As they share their world with her, her feelings for them force her to decide if she wants to stay on a plant that will never accept her, or find her way back to earth and leave her heart in the stars.

Release Date: TBD


Thursday 12 May 2022

Is it Spring...it might be Spring?

A green can of Deep Woods Off! Beg repellant

The weather  forecast is looking amazing for this week and I'm beyond excited to be putting some distance between myself and Winter. 

Now, that means the return of blackflies and mosquitos, but at this point I'll accept them as
trade for some sunshine and warm weather. I'll just be walking around with the continuous odour of "Eau de Deet" by Off! sprayed liberally allover my person. LoL

My SciFi romance it in the hands of my editor. I haven't decided if I'm going to self put this one for forward it onto a publishing house once I'm done polishing. Time will tell.

A green fiels with rows of lavender just starting to come out in purple blooms
The past couple weeks I have been working on a category romance....because my brain can't stay in one genre for more than one book at a time. This one is tentatively titled.  "His Mercenary Temptation" and I'm having fun flipping the gender roles in this one. My Heroine is the badass with a dark past and my Hero, (hile still sporting a hefty supply of badassery in his past), he's been running a lavender farm for the past few years.

A simple case of switched suitcases that changes the live of two people who might never have crossed paths otherwise. Never tempt fate ;)  This is turning into a super fun book to write with so many colourful side characters...it'll probably end up a series. Heck I might as well set that up now as I'm writing because I'm not going to want to leave this group behind when I'm done.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

 It's that time of year! We're coming up on April Fools Day and I can remind everyone of the April Fools For Love group I belonged to. These books are a couple of years old but they were so much fun to write and read!!

They're all stand alone books, only an April Fools prank backfiring is their common theme. My contribution is...

 Must Love Menage  

Chloe keeps a strict policy of not mixing work and play. But play is exactly what she wants with both her hotter than sin bosses.

Rumors and false accusations from an ex-girlfriend forced Ben and Sam to close their Florida restaurant and try to reopen one in Bayburgh. They’ve vowed never to date an employee again, but the vivacious Chloe is temptation personified.

When a series of events cascades from a prank gone wrong, the three of them end up committed to running in a charity race. Training for the event throws them together outside of work and opens the opportunity to explore the attraction they’ve been denying at work.

Will Ben and Sam to risk everything by inviting Chloe into their lives, not knowing if she’s willing to be shared?

Monday 28 February 2022

If you have been struggling with your brains lately, especially with all the terrible things going on in the world in the last month...and it's been a hella month.

You're not alone!!

Again for you in the back hiding in the shadows. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Truth is, I've struggled with panic attacks since I was 17years old. It hasn't been a non stop battle, but there are times when I felt like it would be. The last 3 weeks have been a challenge for me personally, rolling panic attacks suck especially when the rational side of my brain KNOWS what it going on but the neurodivergent side is like "Meh, don't listen to that. I'm the honest one."

I'm not putting this out there for sympathy or comments, but I know there are people out there who are feeling the same way. And it's hard to say anything out loud or admit that anything is wrong because that will make it real. So we struggle in our heads and plant smiles on our faces so no one else will know.

I know. I get it.

You're going to be okay. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. This will pass.

I'm not a therapy person...it works for a lot of people and I wish it worked for me, but I have a brain that insists on doing everything the hard way...and that means research and reading and findings answers on my own. That way I don't have to admit anything out loud, I guess.

I'm not saying my way is the right way, hell my way is not anything I would suggest to anyone else.

But, don't give up on yourself. You're strong. You can do this. I believe in you.

Saturday 22 January 2022

Space and SciFi

I don't know if there is a bigger variation in genres than there is in SciFi. It's a big stretch if you think of one end of it being Mel Brooks "SpaceBalls" and then look all the way to the other side with "Dune"
Those two movies are creatively light years apart, although they are still under the same umbrella.

Which is what had me thinking about where I wanted my books to land. While creating detailed worlds like in Dune is beyond what I wanted to work on, I do want more substance than the campy side of the genre. (Anyone else remember "Ice Pirates")

I'm trying to stay in and around the Firefly - The Expanse area of the genre. Thought out worlds but not super detailed to the point of information overload. I'm writing romance, so I still want the love story to be the focal point, which makes for a delicate balance act between the two. 

But, there are advantages to being able to create what ever I need around my characters to push them forward or throw more obstacles in front of them. 

Edits on this book are taking me a while because I don't want to mess this balance up, but I'm still hoping to have it ready for submission by the end of the month and then focus back on Sophia Meets Seduction.

It feels good to flexing these stiff creative muscles every day again. 

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Winter Storms & New Family Members

Obviously I didn't get an update on here last weekend. We had a hella storm blow in over the East coast that knocked out all our power. It was a chilly 24 hours until the lights came back on. Thankfully we have a generator that keeps the necessities running...water, septic, fridge, coffee maker

As my cell service was also spotty it gave me the guilt free excuse to sit around under a blanket, knit and read for a whole day. (Am I a bad person for hoping the power goes out again soon. lol) 

Yes, there is a glass (cough*bottle*cough) of wine in the picture but I swear I took that in the evening. I wasn't day drinking...although it' would be a lie if I didn't. And storm chips are a "thing" out here on the East Coast and this particular mix is my favourite. 

My other life distraction is this sweet little boy, Hershey. He's a shepherd like our other dog and as adorable as can be. Don't let the lazy sleeping face fool you, he's as rambunctious and high energy as his 9month old furry sister. They've been having a great time chasing after each other. 

On the writing front I've spent the last couple days working on a query and synopsis for my sci-fi Romance - "Beneath The Surface" and today I'm back at the edits on it. My goal is to have it submitted by the end of the month and then I can focus back on writing my rough draft of Sophia Meets Seduction. 

Have a great week!