Tuesday 17 March 2015

It's official I'm a hybrid!

Yes, I'm a geek. I love being able to refer to myself as a Hybrid but it's not anything cool like I'm part human/part alien or a latent part of my DNA kicked in and I've developed the ability to shapeshift.

My hybrid status is because I'm now self-published as well as published through Decadent. :)

Unconditional Devotion has gone on pre-order at Amazon. It's release date is April 14th. That's less than a month!!

This story started as an idea I shared with Vella Day while we hung out together in a hot tub in Florida.

She told me then if I didn't write this story she'd never speak to me again. LOL Since I love our annual hot tub visits I was determined to make her proud. :)

I love writing erotic romances and especially menage because there is something special about three people coming together to create a family. In this case there is the balance of friendship between the two men and the one woman they fall in love with. That doesn't mean that I don't make them work for their happily ever after. ;) The three of them have a lot to deal with before they reach the end of their story. I hope you all love it as much as I loved writing it.

Unconditional Devotion

Release Date: April 14, 2015

A devastating battle with depression destroyed Hannah Robinson’s once-victorious career as a defense attorney. The relentless dark cloud of despair that shrouds her brings Hannah to question whether she can fight to go on any longer. That is until what had been an unexpected request from her neighbors leads to new-found joy that breathes new life into her dreary existence.
Passion and seduction sizzles for Hannah and her dynamic neighbors, but as fate would have it, they will need far more than erotic satisfaction from her, despite her struggle with mental illness.

As close as brothers since their days in the same neglectful foster home, Craig Ledet and Daniel Mire’s friendship stood the test of time. Their bond was fortified upon the arrival of a child neither of them knew about before. Blissful with the creation of an instant family, they are soon scourged by a vicious trail of events that leads them to court, extortion and kidnapping.