Temptation of the Gods

Ten years ago my first two books came out, Believing is Seeing and Believing is Trusting written under my alter-ego, Corinne Davies. I loved these books but never got the time to go back and write the third book in the trilogy.

When I got the rights back to these 2 stories but I didn't know what to do with them. I still loved the characters but my style and has changed a lot over 25 books. So after two years of re-editing and some significant changes, I'm ready to send them out into the world again. Best part is, I'm working on the

third book in the series rounding out the overall arc!!

I present to you the.... Temptation of the Gods

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Faith Meets Fornication

Faith gave up on finding the right man…because she’d never considered the possibility of the right men.
Faith’s nights are filled with erotic dreams of two Greek gods who claim she’s their long lost goddess. Life is one big, fantastic coincidence when she meets two men who bare a striking resemblance to her dream gods But, love and nights filled with fornication won't be enough to make this relationship work. She's going to have to start believing the impossible.

Hypnos and Thanatos failed to protect their goddess centuries ago. When she emerges again in modern times, missing her memory, the two can’t decide if it’s a blessing or a curse. All they know is will have to choose between accepting Faith for who she is rather than who they think she is, before she’s ripped from their arms again.

Hope Meets Hedonism

The party animal of Olympus has turned over a new grape leaf.

Bacchus Krastos is an ancient god determined to make up for his past mistakes. Raging orgies and Bacchanalias are the source of his power. But, he’s willing to put aside all his hedonistic tendencies for the gentle librarian who fell into his arms.
Hope Cooke had given up on men after the last one left her to raise her son alone. As a librarian she has read her fair share of romance, but it wasn’t until she met Bach that she was treated like a goddess in real life. Hope wants more than candles and flowers.
The dangers around them grow when Bach isn’t sure which of his fellow Olympians he can trust.  Someone is trying to free the Titans and wipe out the universe and they’re willing to destroy Hope and Bach to achieve it.

Throwing a Bacchanalia could give him the power to stop it, but he has to not only convince Hope that is he a god but a threesome could save the world. 

Sophie Meets Seduction

Coming Soon!!!