Sunday 9 January 2022

Does it really count as writing.. if I'd doing everything but?

So much to accomplish and I'm behind as usual...but I have a valid excuse!

I've been taking some online how to craft workshops, Beat Sheets, Plotting,  Email Intensives, and Organization Techniques. All of them had great information that I can use, but it's kept me busy enough that I've fallen behind my writing goals....I may have spent 3 hrs watching the Hobbit the other day too ;)

But, I'm not so far behind that I won't meet my goals this quarter. I just need to stay focused and not panic because my two youngest are starting online school tomorrow. UGH. I feel for the teachers being forced back into this madness...all while I'm contemplating day drinking to combat the lack of quiet in my home. 

Such is the madness in a "pan-dammit". This will pass, and I won't let my liver be too damaged. 

I wonder how the gods in my books would handle this madness....and if one of them started this whole thing??

Feels like something Loki, Lugh or Eris would be behind. Just so they could sit back, drink and laugh while observing humans race around and try to figure it out while fighting with each other. 

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