Monday 14 March 2016

Mary Menage's Blog Tour

Mary Menage is a wonderful reviewer and I'm so happy she asked me to be a part of her Blog Tour.
You can find more details on her blog. Mary Menages Reviews She's offering a big tour prize as well as every author featured on the tour has offered a prize to be won.

Each author is offering a prize in the Giveaway that you do not want to miss!! Each author will pick their respective winners; from entries received on my blog under their post (be creative and funny… it will help!) and from the Facebook event.
Blog game:
The game is easy. Every day a new Menage author will ask you to find a clue on their blog. Once you find it, you collect it. 11 authors = 11 clues. Once you have all the clues, you will have to fill a form that will be made available on day #1 and that you can edit anytime to complete it. DO NOT SHARE THE ANSWERS ANYWHERE. You do NOT want to help others to win the prize