Friday 30 March 2018

Friday Flash Fiction March 30th

Life has been keeping me on the crazy train for months now and I fell way behind in the Friday Flash Fiction. I do love creating these little vignettes and I'm going to do my best to get back in the habit of them. 

This is our picture prompt for this week. Be sure to visit all the authors pages!! Half the fun of this exercise is reading the different stories each author comes up with from the same picture.  I'll post the links to the other creations at the bottom of the page as they are posted,. :)

"Do you remember that scene in Men in Black?" Jace glanced over his shoulder at his brother, who was currently checking out some blond in tiny skirt. I remember the days when a comic book store wasn't the place to go to pick up chicks. Not that he'd ever been interested in girls that way, he liked the ones who read Justice League comics for the story line, not because Jason Momoa played Aquaman.

When he brother didn't respond, Jace reached out a smacked him on the shoulder. "She's so out of your league."

"Yeah, I know." Liam shrugged, "But there is no law about what happens in my imagination."

"Just keep it in your head creeper." He pointed back at the large picture on the wall. "Look at this, doesn't it remind you of the marble on Orion's belt? The one with all the galaxies on it?"

"Dude, it's a picture. Two dimensional, there aren't any galaxies in there."

"Seriously, look closer. I swear the guy in it moved, or the lights shifted or something." Jace's heart was still beating erratically. Not just because the guy was hot, but for a brief moment he was certain he saw the guy's fingers flex slightly and the lights twisted. "What if this was a portal to another dimension?"

"There is no such thing as different dimensions, Jace."

"You need to get your head out of your ass and read something without pictures." Liam frowned at his brother and his condescending tone. "Before he died, Stephen Hawking wrote a theoretical paper that lays the groundwork for a multidimensional universe.

"I've read enough books to know what theoretical means, smartass."

"The smartest man since recorded time wouldn't waste his time researching and writing a paper about nothing."

Liam looked around the room before focusing his attention back on Jace. "Maybe you need to stop hanging out in this place. Mom's been asking me about Kevin, she wants to know if the two of you are back together."

Jace rolled his eyes. "She likes the idea of having a cute son in law she can show off to all her elitist friends. Kevin is a narcissistic prick with a nice ass." He turned back to the picture, wondering if his eyes played a trick on him. Looking back he caught his brother staring at the blonde again. "What don't you find some acceptable chick and squeeze out a baby to take the heat off me."

"You know I might just do that." Liam arched an eyebrow in a display of arrogance, "at least one of us is getting laid tonight."

"Whatever. Don't come to me for help when she empties your bank account." Jace turned away and looked back at the picture. A heartbeat later, he forgot how to breath. The hot guy in the picture hadn't moved, except that instead now his left hand was reaching out palm up. As if he wants me to take his hand. 

"Liam, do you see this?" He looked over but his brother was following the blond across the shop. Turning back he examined the picture, the guy hadn't moved again. His hand still reaching out...waiting.

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