Sunday 27 December 2015

The Crazy Canuck Blog Hop!

Happy New Year! I hope each and everyone of you had a Bright Diwali, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, A cool Yule and Blessed Kwanzaa :)  Do you have any plans for the next 12 months? Projects? Trips? Exciting things your looking forward too? 

I have lots of book projects in the works for the coming year. I tend to be more prolific this time of year than in the Spring/Summer. I'm not a fan of cold and snow. I'd rather be inside warm and cozy with my lap top. LOL (Which is why I often have release days between April and September.)

Then there is always my knitting projects. I must have at least four-six projects on the go at any given time. Right now I have two pairs of socks, two shawls, a shrug and a scarf on needles at the moment. I'll eventually get them all finished. The colder the winter the more projects I finish because I'm cold. 

As it's been a abnormally mild winter so far, not that I'm complaining, but its not conducive to me finishing anything any time soon. There's a talk/type program called Dragon(?) that I'm going to try out. That way I can write and knit at the same time! I love that idea.  

What do you do to encourage yourself to get things finished? I'm always looking out for something new to try.

I hope all the best for you and your families in the coming year. May the world be even more loving and understanding place when we all meet up again next year! 

Make sure to stop by and check out the posts of each of our hosts during the hop.  Not only will you get to learn more about some of their favourite Canadian authors and books, but you’ll have the opportunity at each stop to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway...

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Thirteen by Shannon Peel
Enemy Within by Marysol James
Questing for a Dream by P.D. Workman
Vice by Rosanna Leo
Lakeshore Secrets by Shannyn Leah
Guarding Midnight by Kacey Hammell
3013:Renegade by Susan Hayes
The Raven Room by Ana Medeiros
Alien Next Door: Complete Series by Jessica E. Subject
Slow Ride Home by Leah Braemel
One Gold Heart by Sadie Haller
Unconditional Devotion by Kayleigh Malcolm
Festive Persuasion by Charlene Roberts
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Friday 11 December 2015

A Perfect Man for Christmas ~ Chapter 4

A Perfect Man for Christmas
An erotic serial in 12 parts
Blog HOP

 4th Day of Christmas
by Rebecca Royce

Michael stared at the scene in front of him and wished he could laugh. Only he’d lost his sense of humor sometime in the last century and had yet to see it return. He rubbed at his chin and looked at his secretary. It was so hard to find good help and so far Trixie had been an excellent employee. But, of course, the first time he asked her to do something complicated he ended up…well…he wasn’t entirely sure where he’d ended up just yet.
Where he wanted to be was inside Wynter’s thighs, grinding her to completion until she called out his name, coming again and again, until she never thought about another male for the rest of her existence--Until she forgot there was such a thing as other men.

I asked you for four calling birds.”

Yes.” Sixty year old Trixie with her arthritic knee and back pains—she did like to talk about them—rocked back on her heels. “But it turns out, sir, there is no such thing, really, as a calling bird.”
There had to be. He shook his head. He still didn’t understand exactly why he was looking at the scene in front of him. “I’m sure if we... what is the word... Google it. We can find out what a calling bird is.”

That is exactly what I did. And it turns out that there are two distinct meanings to the words ‘calling bird.’ I wasn’t exactly sure which one you wanted so I brought both. This seemed like the best place to show you.”
Well, now, at last an explanation. He walked forward. The basement of his office building wasn’t exactly the place to run into problems. Too many civilians running around and although his enemies might claim otherwise, he really wasn’t in the business of killing for no good reason.

I see the birds. You have four of them. In that cage.” He couldn’t believe how much of the damned rhyme required some kind of poultry. So far he was up to his neck in the creatures. Everywhere he looked, something was squawking.
Trixie moved to stand next to him. “Right. The translation most people subscribe to is that ‘calling birds’ is actually an Americanized version of the word colly birds. Some places that’s actually what they say. They’re, as you can see, black like soot. Hence the name, I guess. But they’re really thrushes even though they look like blackbirds. They’re actually not. Getting them here proved challenging, but as you can see, I was up to the task.”
The thrush took that second to chirp at him. Loudly. It didn’t like being in the cage any more than he wanted it in his basement. Particularly after the incident earlier with the two doves. Filthy creatures had tried to go at it right then and there. He shuddered at the memory.
If he wasn’t regularly getting any, the means of his messages shouldn’t be either. Damn it.

That all makes sense.” He pointed forward at the problem she still hadn’t addressed. “What I don’t understand is why there are four clearly drugged men in my basement, half naked.”

Sir, I really wanted to do a good job.”
He needed a stiff drink. “I’m aware of that. Get to the point.”

There are multiple interpretations of the rhyme. Some people say it doesn’t mean birds at all. But that the term ‘four calling birds’ actually refers to the Evangelists. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So I found you some. The one over there is Mark.”
He followed where she pointed. Mark was a stout fellow with dark hair and piercings on his nipples. Matthew, who she told him sat next to Mark, was blond. He’d guess on the early side of twenty-five. Luke, all the way to the right, he would put in his early forties although being completely bald could make it hard to tell. And John was somewhere in his thirties with just the beginnings of a gut showing.

You’ll note that in each of their laps I’ve placed a copy of their gospels, in case you wanted to refer to it.”
No. He certainly—most assuredly—did not want to read their gospels. Bile rose in his throat, and he pushed away his angst.

Trixie, what did you drug these men with, and where did you find them?”

They answered an ad looking to have an affair. I rented an apartment for the meet and greets. Took two days to get all the names covered. And they’re shot up on some good old- fashioned heroin.”
Michael shook his head and gritted his teeth. So apparently he was going to have to bury some bodies. Four—no, he looked at Trixie—five of them.
Terrible when one’s secretary picked this time of year to show her psychotic tendencies. He wouldn’t have minded seeing it around…the Ides of March. Did she have to do this now?
Although he had to give her credit--She’d been creative. In a million years he never would have expected to have a Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark drugged in his basement. Michael laughed, covering his mouth. Well there it was.
His sense of humor. Back for a brief second.
Wynter had better be finding them the absolute perfect man for Christmas. Although he supposed he could drop her off one of the four tied up and see if she liked one.
No, he smiled. Better she find her own guy.

Trixie, where did I put my shovel?” 

To check out Rebecca's wonderful books - visit her website at

For part 5 of the story - go to SLK Reviews
and Iyana Jenna  

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Thursday 10 December 2015

A Perfect Man for Christmas ~ Chapter 2

A Perfect Man for Christmas
An erotic serial in 12 parts
Blog HOP

 2nd Day of Christmas
by Elaine Barris

Michael crunched through the ice and snow on the sidewalk as he made his way to the beast of a car sitting in Wynter’s driveway. His cock twitched at the memory of being inside her tight heat. She belonged to him as much as the 12 cylinder. If she didn’t already know he owned her, she would by the time this holiday was over.

Fucking right, she will,” he growled and punched the car to life.
He eased himself back into the seat, flinching at the pain of where she had laced her talons down his back in passion as she writhed in undulating waves of orgasmic bliss. His flesh had mended enough to not be bleeding in rivers, but it stung.
His phone chimed in his pocket, and he drew it out, looking at the name displayed.

Yeah? What do you want?”

Where do I deliver the package?”
The sound of chirping and flapping birds was in the background.

What the fuck do you mean ‘where do you deliver the package?’”

What?” Gustav yelled.
Michael held the phone away from his ear before yelling back, 

“Where do you think you’re supposed to deliver it?”

There’s no address listed on the shipping label.”

I’m surrounded by fucking idiots!”

Michael, sir, I-- ”

Forget it! Like everything else in this operation, I have to do this myself. Leave it where it is, and I’ll take care of it.”
He tossed the phone onto the passenger seat, and shifted into reverse, muttering to himself about the lack of good help.
Minutes later, he maneuvered the growling car up the ramp into the warehouse where he kept his business. Shifting into park, he threw the car door open with such force it bounced back, slamming him inside before he had moved to get out.

Goddamn it.”
Gustav came running up to the car. Feathers were stuck to his face and hands; a few quills were between the rims of his glasses and head.
After opening the door more gently, Michael got out of the car and faced his inept employee.

What the fuck happened?”

They got out, sir.”

How the hell did that happen?”

I don’t know, sir, but they are trapped inside your office. We were able to seal the room.”
Throwing his fingers through his hair, Michael tapped his boots on the concrete floor as he thought about what a clusterfuck he was in. If he didn’t get those damned winged creatures back into the birdcage and delivered, there’d be hell to pay.
He turned his head to look towards his office, seeing the birds sitting on his coat rack in the corner.
Maybe this would be easier than he thought.

Come on.” He pointed across the room to the golden contraption they had somehow escaped. “Bring it with you.”
Stalking over to the room, he stopped when he took hold of the door knob and looked behind him at Gustav.

On the count of three.”
Gustav nodded and a few feathers fell from his clothes to the ground.
Michael went through the countdown, and then opened the door with his lackey at his heels.

What the--” Michael said as his feet slipped out from underneath him, and he fell backwards, taking Gustav to the floor with him. 

“Shut the door!” he yelled as the birds saw their opening and took flight.
The latch closed before the two turtle doves were able to find their escape.
The men got up, and Michael raised his hands in front of his face and cursed, seeing them covered in the white slime of the birds’ excrement.

Oh, dear.” Gustav handed him his handkerchief, and Michael grabbed it, wiping his hands as he looked at the dotted floor.

Open the cage.”
Michael lunged at the nearest bird, taking it by its feet as it fought him to not be confined. Thrusting its squawking body inside the cage, Michael locked it in, and then went to battle the other.
That one was crafty and flew through air, dodging the men’s attempts to capture it.

Stop,” Michael ordered, and then they waited for the winged menace to settle down.
When it did, it landed on Gustav’s head and started pecking his scalp.

Ow!” Gustav jerked at the pain of the pricks into his skin as pieces of his hair were plucked out.

Don’t you fucking move.” Michael avoided looking the dove in the eyes as he waited until the perfect moment.


Shut up.”
Then the bird began to coo in a serenade of love to its partner who was locked up.

That’s right,” Michael whispered, and in a flash of motion, snatched the bird by the neck from the nest it had been making out of 

Gustav’s tresses and thrust it into the cage.
Lifting it by the handle, he took it to Gustav’s vehicle.

Give me your keys. I’m not letting these things shit all over my leather.”

Yes, sir,” he replied and handed them over.
Michael sat the birds in the truck’s passenger seat, securing it by latching the seatbelt around it. After getting into the driver’s seat and starting up the engine, he rolled the window down for fresh air.
Wynter had better find ‘the man’ after all of this. I did my part. Found the two fucking turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.”

Check out Elaine's website for more of her terrific books - 

For part 3 of the story -  Andrew Jericho Blog

and Cariad Books Blog

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Sunday 1 November 2015

Write this picture #4

Every month I get together with my author friends and we write a short story or scene based on the same picture. The only rule - it has to be at least 250 words. But even that rule can get broken. ;)

It's November so we're starting to loose colour around us as the leaves fall from the trees and everything starts to hibernate in preparation for winter. I guess that's why this picture appealed to me so much.

I'm working on a special project for this spring and it was this picture that gave me a perfect"A-Ha!" moment. As it's NaNoWriMo time I need as many inspirational moments as I can get. I'm not sure if this scene will make it into the final story but I hope so.


"Don't get me wrong, J. I'm not here to do a trash piece on you or your restaurant, but you have to admit that the sexual harassment suit against you and your partner aren't to be taken lightly."

J took a deep breath before answering, every time those charges were mentioned he felt his blood pressure spike. North Reddington was a small enough community that nasty rumours about the place he and K had put their heart and soul into could ruin them. The bitch who’d laid the charges had been their previous front of house manager and ex-lover, something he and K swore they’d never do again. 

K patted him on the shoulder, before answering the reporter’s question. "I appreciate your wanting to feature our restaurant in your article and I promise you that we are completely professional here. The charges are from a disgruntled ex-employee and we're confident that they will be dropped quickly."  

He opened the door and a cloud of colourful smoke billowed out at them.  Something smacked against his temple and chin, sending out more clouds of dust that made his eyes water.

 The reporter was far enough away to be spared but he and K were covered in what tasted like chalk. Six balls of colourful cheese cloth gently swung from the door way and a heartbeat later one of their employees burst into the back room.

“Oh shit.” She stopped in the open doorway, biting her lower lip. Dammit his cock jerked in his pants, one of these days he wanted to kiss the sting  away from that lip after she’d been biting it. It was a bad habit of hers he’d noticed over the last six months she’d worked there. H looked up at the evidence of her prank and then back to him and K, her lips twitched with what he suspected was her fighting a smile.

K looked furious, his hair covered it electric purple dust, yellow dusted his ears and there was a blue blotch on one of his cheekbones. J imagined he probably looked as ridiculous.

She was the one woman who could make him and K break their vow of knowing their employees intimately. There was no doubt in his head she was behind the prank and J was acutely aware of the camera man snapping pictures behind them.

“What’s going on here? Is this some sort of April Fools prank? Not exactly proof of the professional attitude you mentioned. ” The reporter looked them all up and down and then looked past them to the waitress just inside the door.

“We were celebrating Holi.” H gave the reporter a bright smile and acted as if they’d planned all this. “J and K will be taking part in the Colour Me Rad marathon next month. All money raised will be donated to the renovations at the children’s hospital.”

 As excuses went it was a pretty good one, except that he wasn’t in any shape to run a marathon and K was too much of a workaholic to take the time off.

“H’s done the majority of planning and encouraging J and my training. She’ll be joining in on the fun.”

Her smiled faltered for a moment and J thought she was about to launch a string of obscenities in K’s direction. “Oh yeah, can’t wait for it.”

The two of them bickered constantly, but J knew of K’s obsession with her. They’d both spoken in length about their desire to share the smart mouthed waitress. That was until that damn lawsuit had been smacked against them. Now, they were committed to running a marathon with the little minx. 

J would much prefer a marathon between the sheets.  

Be sure to check back!! At the moment I'm the first up this month but I'll be sure to post links to my friend's creations as they are written.

Monday 5 October 2015

T.L. Reeve's Gorgeous New Cover!

TL Reeve has allowed me to share her brand spanking new cover with you! Isn't it gorgeous!! I love the Black Hills Wolves covers and this one is just as beautiful as the others. :)


Kru Hawthorne left home years ago. Unable to watch the abuse his sister suffered at the hands of Magnum and his crones, Kru hit the road. Chased by the demons of his past, he drifts for years before making a home in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gabby Salvador, sister to Craven Salvador, President of the Vipers Motorcycle club, watched her brother take his last breath. When the devastatingly handsome Kru arrives moments later, she knows something isn't right. Sticking to the shadows, she follows him to Rapid City, South Dakota, and finds something she never expected.
One text that changes everything.

A Contract gone wrong. 

Kru and Gabby's lives collide through a text and an attempt on Gabby's life. Together they'll have to figure out who put the hit on Craven and why they want Gabby as well. But, with the full moon, Gabby will be faced with an even bigger decision. Trust the man who isn't what he claims to be and take the protection he offers, or hit the road and pray she's never found. 

This isn't T.L.'s first Black Hills book. That would be Omega's Heart, one of my personal favourites in the series. I love this book and I swear I've reread it so many times already. 

When the wolf is away…

Five years ago, Max Reaper walked out of Kole Silver’s life forever, leaving behind a broken omega. 

Kole doesn’t believe in love anymore. He keeps to himself, leading a solitary life until stumbling upon an injured human, Jasper Hill. An instant attraction explodes between them, becoming an unbreakable bond. There is no choice—Kole must claim the man as his own.

When Max returns to take possession of what is rightfully his, a situation he’d never imagined greets him. Angry with himself and with his mate’s betrayal, he wrestles his wolf who demands he take action—to claim his mate. But will he be able to accept Kole’s new human companion, or will his mistake of leaving five years ago end up biting him in the ass?

Omega's Heart

Sunday 13 September 2015

No not that! Anything but that!

One of my assignments for my social media course is I had to write a blog on something that has been in the news. To be honest I avoid the new and newscasts like the plague. It's always so damn depressing and I end up completely depressed and upset.

There is one thing that has been continually popping up in my news feed on facebook:
I don't even want to say the woman's name because I think she's gotten way too much attention already. It's not hard to see what side of the situation I stand on. I'm a staunch supporter of gay rights and feel that they have the right to get married just like anyone else.

There's something that has popped up in retaliation and they have been giving me a giggle all week. Here are a couple of my favourites and they obviously don't need any explanation.  

And my personal favourite...

I haven't said anything on this topic or story and I really didn't plan on it, until I read something that finally did me in on this issue. There are reports of her being hailed a "hero" 
You're kidding me right? A hero? 

I've never been so angry in my life. Even as I type this I can feel my stomach churning with disgust. 
She is no hero,

The men and women who put their lives on the line every day to allow us the freedom to voice our opinions. They are true heroes. Police who hunt down bad guys. Firefighters who run into burning buildings to save civilian lives. They are heroes. Normal everyday people who put their lives on the line to save a complete strangers, they are heroes
Using your position to force your beliefs on people who don't agree. NOT a hero.

And that's all I've got to say on that - Okay one more.... 

If you've seen any more memes that made you laugh, please pop them into the comments. I'd love to see them. :)

Friday 28 August 2015

Write This Picture #1

Welcome to the first, of what I hope are many, “Write This Picture” blogs. The premise is simple…Show 20 authors the same picture and you’ll get 20 different stories. J

There is only 1 Rule: A picture is worth a thousand words but we only get 250 to let our muses run wild!

Tonight, I’m creating under a cloud of hair dye fumes. (Nutrisse Cream #42 if you’re curious) I’m not sure if it will affect the final outcome of my writing but as long as no one lights a match I should be fine. 

There are times that I write scenes to help me get to know a character in a book I’m working on. This is a peek at one of my characters in the book I’m working on for the Black Hills Wolves series. My main hero has screwed up and has no idea how to fix it. I’m not sure if this will make it into the final book but it helped me work out some details. J

This picture makes me think of a place where you could go to think and mentally sort out a difficult puzzle. (Like if you make a really bad first impression and now you have no idea how to correct it.)

I fucked up.

Stone stomped along the river’s edge as rain spit down from the dark clouds overhead, adding to his already bad mood.  He realized now that he’d come on too fast and too strong and that had scared the hell out of Josh. Courting and dating were useless gestures in their world. When you met the other half of your soul, you didn’t knee him in the balls and take off running for the hills. But apparently Josh hadn’t gotten that memo. Now he had to try to figure out a way to convince his mate that he wasn’t a dominate monster.

A soft mewing noise cut through his thoughts and he looked around wondering how the hell a kitten made it into a forest all alone. Following the sound, he discovered the corner of a tattered garbage bag sticking out from under a fallen log. It was obvious that it had been torn into by wild creatures searching for a meal. His nose picked up the scent of several creatures and the remnants of their prey but it appeared they’d missed one.

An impossibly small kitten was caught up in layer of plastic. Dirty and covered in bugs, it lay deathly still in Stone’s palm. His first thought was to put it out of its misery before it too became a wild animal’s snack. Unless, I can save him and somehow convince Josh I’m not a monster.


Now, as I got to the end of that I started envisioning Lennie from Of Mice and Men...which makes me sad so my brain quickly shifted to the Bugs Bunny rendition. LOL

Stone is certainly more bad ass than the big white snow monster but it might not hurt if Josh viewed him as a safe harmless cuddle monster.

I also realized then that is was past time to rinse the fumes out of my hair.


Be sure to check out how the other phenomenally talented authors participating this month have translated the same picture!! I was lucky enough to meet both these authors at RTC this year and I can't wait to see them again in 2016. You'll LOVE them!

Kadian Tracey 

Comments are always welcome below! Say Hi let me know you're here :) If your an author and you want to join in next month. Find me on FB and I'll add you to our group. 
(Here I'll make it easy. Kayleigh Malcolm

Thursday 13 August 2015

Another awesome day with Anne Lange!!

Yesterday Anne teased us with blurbs from her book The Final Quarter. Today she is going to tease us some more with blurbs from the second book in her Vault series, Wicked Indulgence. This one looks hot enough to melt your e-reader!!

Title: Wicked Indulgence
Series Title: The Vault Series: Friends and More, Book 2
Author: Anne Lange
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic, Ménage, Light BDSM
Heat Level:  Scorching - Sexy, creative and hot, almost anything goes - not for shy readers
Length: 76,600 words

Buy Links 

Two men. One woman. How wonderful wicked can be.

Jamie prefers one-night stands to the risk of hurting someone he loves. He's not willing to repeat the past. Years ago his naïve attempts at Dominance left his girlfriend bruised and frightened, and she mysteriously left town rather than show her face around him again.

Daniel wants something more. He hopes that one day he and Jamie will find that perfect woman to share forever. As members of the prestigious BDSM club known as The Vault and co-owners in a veterinary clinic, he never thought she'd walk through their door. Or ask for his best friend.

Melissa has done everything she can to protect the only man she's ever loved. Finally rid of her abusive ex, she's living on her own terms. Only she never counted on Daniel, a man who ignites enough sizzle in her body to compete with her passion for her first love, Jamie. And in order for them to be happy, she needs to find a way to put the past, and the people who won't remain there, behind her for good…and convince Jamie that he was never the monster he thought himself to be…

Reader discretion: contains spanking, bondage, voyeurism, sex club, m/f/m ménage romance elements

Short Excerpt

“Let’s walk. We can head over the park. If we see a bench and feel like it, we can sit.”
“Sounds good.” Jamie spun around, and she followed just a step behind him. Until they crossed the center of the square, dodging a dog chasing a ball, they didn’t say a word. Melissa sipped her coffee, closing her eyes in appreciation of the dark roast with a hint of hazelnut.
They reached the path that meandered through the park. He slowed his steps so she could catch up, and they walked side-by-side. Melissa searched for words.
“I apologize if my appearance yesterday angered you. I didn’t mean to upset you in any way.”
Jamie darted a quick look at her, his mouth curled up at the corners as he shrugged his shoulders. “You showing up there just surprised the hell out of me and I acted like a total jerk. I’m sorry about that.”
Was he apologizing for the kiss too? Because she didn’t want him to be sorry about that. It was the best kiss she’d had since…well, since the last time he’d kissed her.
“That’s OK. The last time we saw each other, I tucked tail and ran like my ass was on fire. I’m sorry.”
“So we’re both really sorry. How about we start over again?” he offered.
She smiled at him. “I’d like that.” She took a generous sip of her coffee and then a hearty breath. “Jamie. I’m…” She stopped before saying the ‘s’ word yet again. “I know you’re angry with me for the way I left back then.”
He lifted one shoulder and looked off into the distance. “It wasn’t your thing. I get that.”
“No, that’s not it all,” she rushed to say. Did he really think that? She loved what he’d done to her. “I—”
“I knew going into that night, it was a big mistake,” he interrupted.
A mistake? He thought making love to her had been a mistake?
“I tried for months to tell you that, Mel. The stuff I was interested in then…the stuff I’m into now, it isn’t for somebody like you.”
“But, Jamie, that’s—”
“I’d had too much to drink and I was so fucking hot for you that I let your pleas and your pretty face get to me.” He was hot for her. That’s good. Hopefully he still was. “I listened with my dick rather than my head. I should have driven you straight home from that party.” No. She started to shake her head but he kept going. “Maybe if I had, you wouldn’t have felt the need to invent a reason to leave.”

Longer Excerpt

Striding forward as if she knew exactly where she was going, Melissa entered the hallway. Several doors opened off each side, and people had gathered around a few of them, their attention trained on whatever was happening inside. She moved forward, pausing at the first doorway to peek in, but even on tiptoe she was too short to see over the crowd. Eventually a couple in front of her shifted their stance, and she managed to sneak a peek between their leather-clad bodies.
She stifled a gasp. A raised platform was centered in the room that held a large mattress covered in a plain white sheet. On the mattress were two women and one man. The man, who appeared to be about forty-five, lay flat on his back. One of the women, a busty brunette with a butterfly clip in her hair, straddled his chest on all fours, letting her big breasts dangle over his flushed face. They were huge compared to Melissa’s own small handfuls, and the man had captured both and squeezed them together. He tongued and sucked on her nipples, switching back and forth between the two. Above him, the woman’s back was bowed, her neck stretched long as she tilted her face up, squeezed her eyes closed and held her bottom lip between her teeth.
The other woman, a pixie of a thing with a matching haircut and long, dangly earrings gripped his cock in a tight fist while she bobbed her head, stroking her hand up and down to meet the movement of her mouth. The guy thrust his hips up in time with her downward motions. Between the slurping and the groaning and moaning going on in that room, it was only a matter of minutes before at least two of them managed to snag the stars they were reaching for.
A group of people lined one of the walls watching, and few others stood cuddling and petting their partners while their eyes were glued to the scene in front of them.
Melissa decided to move on. She could definitely see how watching stuff like this could turn someone on, but she was on the hunt for a specific person and she needed to find him before one of her watchdogs discovered she was here and hunted her down.
She continued to the next room, which contained two women, one of them leaning over a bench while the other spanked her with a paddle. The one on the bench was stark naked, her blond hair gathered in a ponytail that hung down the right side of her face. The redhead doing the spanking wore the slimmest stiletto boots Melissa had ever seen. She had partnered it with a pair of black leather boy-cut panties and a black with purple trimmed bustier. Dark coal liner rimmed her jade green eyes and a slash of red lipstick stained her cheeks.
Since that scene didn’t do anything for her—and frankly, the redheaded woman scared the crap out of her—Melissa decided to keep going. A large crowd seemed to have gathered at the next room and there seemed to be a fair amount of grunts coming from in there. Melissa strode in that direction while trying not to draw too much attention to herself.
When she got to the door, she had to push past two other couples and a big burly dude with a shaved head, wearing a dark suit with a red tie. The seams of his jacket looked like they might burst with teeniest flex of his muscles and the tie looked like it was strangling him. He was handsome as hell, as were many of the men here, but he wasn’t the man she was looking for. He gave her a questioning look, then looked over her shoulder and around.
“Are you here with anybody, miss?” He kept his voice low to avoid interrupting the show
He turned, fully blocking her path as well as her view. Damn it. Behind him, a whistling sound wailed through the air, followed by the sharp sting of leather against flesh. A low grunt came next, with a long moan in its wake.
“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”
“Um, no, I’m new. Tonight’s my first night.” Crap. If she didn’t get past this guy soon, Kyle or Gabe would be sure to find her. And then she’d be in trouble.
“I don’t recall Mr. McBride telling me there would be any newbies tonight.”
Melissa tried her best for contrite. “I’m sure it was simply an oversight.” They were going to kill her.
He snorted. “Have you met Mr. McBride? There’s no such thing as oversight.”
He had that right. Unfortunately she knew Mr. McBride well. Didn’t matter which one he was actually referring to.
“Look, I’m sorry, but until I speak with one of the boss men, I don’t know who you are or how much freedom you’re supposed to have around here. So you’ll need to—”
“She’s with me.”
Melissa closed her eyes as those three words surrounded her. Sadly, she couldn’t do anything about the sizzling effect this voice had on her blood. Or the way it played havoc with her senses, her pussy, and her nipples.
She had wanted to find him, but not like this.
“Master James.”

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While embarking on this wild journey of becoming a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. Though not always successfully. Who needs a clean house every day?  And what’s wrong with cereal for dinner? She lives in Ontario, Canada with her wonderfully supportive husband, three awesome kids who are growing up way too fast, and the family pets, Rocky the bearded dragon and Lily the chocolate lab. 

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