Thursday 12 May 2022

Is it might be Spring?

A green can of Deep Woods Off! Beg repellant

The weather  forecast is looking amazing for this week and I'm beyond excited to be putting some distance between myself and Winter. 

Now, that means the return of blackflies and mosquitos, but at this point I'll accept them as
trade for some sunshine and warm weather. I'll just be walking around with the continuous odour of "Eau de Deet" by Off! sprayed liberally allover my person. LoL

My SciFi romance it in the hands of my editor. I haven't decided if I'm going to self put this one for forward it onto a publishing house once I'm done polishing. Time will tell.

A green fiels with rows of lavender just starting to come out in purple blooms
The past couple weeks I have been working on a category romance....because my brain can't stay in one genre for more than one book at a time. This one is tentatively titled.  "His Mercenary Temptation" and I'm having fun flipping the gender roles in this one. My Heroine is the badass with a dark past and my Hero, (hile still sporting a hefty supply of badassery in his past), he's been running a lavender farm for the past few years.

A simple case of switched suitcases that changes the live of two people who might never have crossed paths otherwise. Never tempt fate ;)  This is turning into a super fun book to write with so many colourful side'll probably end up a series. Heck I might as well set that up now as I'm writing because I'm not going to want to leave this group behind when I'm done.

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