Friday, 1 December 2017

Friday Flash Fiction 12/1 - Hawkeye is the sexiest superhero

It's Friday and you know what that means!! Another fun day of reading shorts and snippets surrounding the same inspirational picture. Courtesy of Elizabeth Lister and Friday Flash Fics. :)

"Hawkeye is the sexiest superhero." Mitch lit a cigarette and passed it to Jeannine before lighting another one. They both perched on a large decorative rock on an upper level garden that looked out over a massive well-manicured green space. One of the owners was doing favour for a friend and allowed them to use the gardens for a photo shoot, at least that’s what the gossip said.

"Purple spandex or Jeremy Renner?" Jeannine had never been one to read anything non-academic unless he’d forced her to go to look at one of his comics. The fact that she knew there was a difference surprised him.

“Oh, how about Jeremy Renner IN purple spandex.” Mitch grinned, that was a mental picture he’d save for later when he was alone.

She took at drag on her smoke. Tilting her face to the sky, she popped her jaw and made a perfect “O” before pursing her lips and blowing a straight line of smoke almost through it before it dissipated. “I’d prefer imagining Jeremy Renner naked.”

“I’ll whole heartedly agree with you on that one.”

Below them, one of the models was posing with a bow and arrow as a series of cameras clicked and whirred. Lights were moved, shades were angled and it all started again.

“Really, who makes the connection between archery and underwear?” Jeannine’s questions startled him out of ogling the picture perfect, high maintenance, boy toys.

“Who cares? It’s fun to watch.” One of the models let his arrow fly…a whole two feet before it plopped on the ground. There goes my Hawkeye fantasy.

“Speaking of naked, this would be much more fun if they weren’t wearing the underwear. They can’t shoot for shit.”

“That would make this an entirely different kind of photoshoot.”

“If it was, we’d probably be getting paid better.” Jeannine sighed as she hopped off the rock they’d been sitting on. Dropping her smoke she ground it under her heel. “Superheros and underwear models do have one specific thing in common though.”

“What’s that?”

“Neither of them notices the help.” She patted him lightly on the shoulder, “Come on, sweetie. We had better get back to the kitchen and make sure lunch is set out properly, before one of those pretty boys freak out because their single blueberry is touching their carrot during their meal.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I finish this.” Mitch held up his cigarette. “Just a couple more drags.”

“Don’t be long; the boss is bitchy today.”

He nodded and winked at her. She rolled her eyes before walking away. They’d been best friends since high school but where her nose had always been in a text book, his had been in a comic. She’d never believed in the fantastic or magic. He wished otherwise because he’d wanted to share this news with her.

As soon as Jeannine rounded the corner and was out of sight, Mitch tossed the half-finished smoke to the ground. Hooking the cord around his neck he pulled out the pendant which had been resting against his chest all morning. The sun glinted off the pale purple rock. He traced one of the metallic bands with his finger and a series of  ornate symbols appeared, glowing brighter than they had this morning.

I might have been unlucky enough to be born into a dimension without magic…but, no one said I had to stay here.

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  1. All of this might have happened at the photoshoot that resulted in that picture! (I've never wanted to be a pair of underwear before! :) )

    1. LoL That's the best part about writing. You can be what ever you want to be ;)