Friday, 1 December 2017

Countdown to New Years- Day 31

A "Memory" popped up on my Facebook feed earlier today, reminding me that last year I did a countdown to the New Year. Everyday I'd write about something that I enjoyed that made me happy. I won't get into why at the end of November I was feeling very negative and oppressed but I remembered enjoying the mental exercise.

I didn't manage a post every day, as my EDJ is in retail and the month of December will suck anyone's will to live. But, I'd like to try again this year. End the year on a wave of positivity and hopefully it will create a habit to carry into the new year. 

December 1st....Day 31 

I'm going to tell you about something silly I had a lot of fun with today.
My husband had a booth a THE BUILDERS SHOW at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto. I was there today to help out, cover the booth when he ran to have a smoke or get a coffee, but other than that I was free to wander around. 

Now, wandering around a massive trade show devoted to construction is more interesting than I'd thought. There were lots of plot ideas floating around in my brain as well as character inspiration. 
What I didn't expect to see were so many stress ball type swag...and I got quite obsessed with them. 

As I wasn't there as a trade member or would ever be a customer I felt bad just scooping their swag. So I made a rule for myself that anyone I had a conversation with about their business then it would be okay. LoL It made what could have been an incredibly boring day into a fun one. Every time I came back to my booth my husband would laugh and ask what I got that time. 

I managed to come home with 2 lego blocks (the guy said you can't take just one), a van, a toolbox, a brick, a green light bulb and 2 hard hats (white and yellow) 

There were lots of interesting people there today and I learned some interesting things that I'm sure will end up in a book at some point. And now I have a collection of funky stress balls I have no idea what to do with!

Any suggestions? :)

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