Friday, 2 December 2016

Counting down to a New Year...30

What makes me happy today... Ghostbusters

And I'm not talking about the disaster of a remake they made. I'm talking the original 1984 classic. I don't remember how many times I went to the theater to see this movie. I know I babysat every hellspawned child on my street that I could to earn the money to keep going.

Once it was out on video, I couldn't begin to guess how many times I've watched it now.....But I can say all the dialogue for the entire movie. (Much to my husbands annoyance.) I still laugh every. single. time.

So when I was surfing through Netflix earlier and found that they have days got so much happier!
Who Ya Gonna Call? 
Not me, I'm watching the movie ;)

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Counting down to the end of 2016! What makes me happy :)

I don't know anyone who would argue that 2016 has been a swirling vortex of crap and negativity...oh man, has there been some negativity. And, there is no magical switch on December 31st which will change the world as the calendar flips to 2017. We're the only ones who control our attitudes and outlooks on life.


Now, that we're down to the last month I want to try to end it on an upswing. I got this idea today when speaking to another author, I'm going to take time each day to think of something positive...big, small or utterly ridiculous. My plan is to count down to the end of the year with things that make me happy.

And I invite you to join me! Come on by each day or when ever the mood strikes,  and pop something into the comments. Let's end this year happier that it started and celebrate the good in the world.

Day 31 of what makes me happy...

Lots of Colourful lights!

This time of year the trees are bare, grass is covered in snow and all the colour has been leached out of the world around me. But all the pretty, pretty lights that are strung up make me feel better. In fact, why do we take them all down January 1st? That's when we really need them to combat the winter blahs. I think this year I'm going to keep mine up till the snow melts.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Where in the world is Kayleigh??

Wanna guess??

Okay, that isn't really fair since the world is a big place but I'll give you a hint. It's an island in the Caribbean known for it's rum :D

I love love love this country. It's lush and beautiful. The people are sweet, gracious and so friendly. It's one of my favourite places to visit.

But that's not all! I'm also magically posting over at Romance Eh? Canadian Style today too!

See you all in a couple days! <3

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Look who's the Daily Deal!!!

For today only! 

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When the ghosts of the past catch up with them, will their love protect them or will the truth destroy their future?

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I'm dreaming of Snowy Knights!!!!

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mental Illness sucks....

Normally, I don't launder my personal life on social media, but what is happening with me right now is a story that needs to be told. Mental illness is a brutal reality for so many people in this country and not enough....NOT being done to help them. With that in mind I'm going to put down something very personal to me, but it needs to be said. We need to do more. There has to be more help for the people suffering and the family members desperate to help but can't do anything except watch their loved ones implode.


I had to do something today that I know will destroy my relationship with a woman I love.

My little sister was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia twenty years ago. In that time I was helpless to do anything but watch her fight and struggle to come back. She spent years treading water through a white water rapid of pharmaceutical medications as doctors tried to get her brain chemistry balanced. 1 part guess work, 1 part education and a 100 parts guinea pig.

But she did it. Slowly my quirky sister with the easy smile and wicked sense of humour came back.   She had two beautiful girls and always astounded me with what a great and creative mom she could be.

Then about a year ago I noticed that things were changing.

It was the tone of her voice at first, the high pitched sing-songy tone that I remembered from decades ago. Then the stories of men standing in her back yard, and her fears that people were in her apartment when she wasn't home. Unknown to us, she'd decided that she was cured, didn't need her meds and stopped taking them. Cold turkey. Done. No amount of pleading or facts would changer her mind. Things got bad....real bad. CAS was called in and my Dad took my nieces to stop them from going into foster care until my sister got her life together.

But that was just meant to be temporary and there is the fact that CAS could step in and take them from their grandfather at any moment. So to protect my nieces from ending up in the homes of strangers, my dad chose to petition the court for full custody. That drove my sister, in an already fragile mental state, over the edge.

She sees it as my dad trying to steal her kids away from her. Everyone was against her, out to get her.

Except me.

In a small corner of my baby sisters brain, she held on to the fact that I would do anything for her. As I live three hours away I wasn't directly involved with everything so she considered me safe. When she took off...she showed up at my house. I talked her into going to the hospital. I convinced her to go back on her meds, to fight for her girls. I told her repeatedly that that I had her back, I would always be there for her and she said. "I know that's why I came to you."

She stayed a couple days, took her meds....but then went home. Three hours away from me and stopped taking her pills again.

Today I had to write a letter to the courts explaining everything that happened the day she showed up at my house. I had to be truthful, My sister shouldn't be driving. I believe that she's a danger to her self and I don't believe that she has the ability to care for her children right now, not forever, just for now.

Only I know she's going to find out what I did and I know it will shatter that small bit of belief she had in me. I'll be lumped in with everyone else that is out to get her and my heart is breaking because I terrified that if my little sister doesn't come back this time, she'll hate me for the rest of her life.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Sexy as F*@k Music Mondays

Okay I know I'm showing my age with this one....but those of us who were making out in the back of a camero at the drive-in will remember this one. Not that I'm saying I ever did that.... ;)