Sunday, 3 December 2017

Countdown to New Years Day 29

Everything was pretty low key around my house today. But, I can honestly say something that made me feel happy is TEA :)

It might be psychosomatic, but the moment I'm not feeling 100% I shy away from coffee. Growing up, my mum's first response to any emergency, dilemma, trauma, boredom, etc, was to put the kettle on. (My Dad would wet a facecloth, fold it up and slap it on your forehead, but that's another story)
It's possible that I have drank my body weight in tea today. I have two favorites at the moment. 

Tetley Vanilla Earl Grey with a splash of milk

PC Feeling Soothed with a generous spoonful of honey 

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? What are your "goto" flavours/brands

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