Friday, 8 December 2017

Counting down to New Years - Day 24

I wasn't sure if I was going to pull off a Friday Flash Fic this week. With 2 weeks left till Christmas, my EDJ is ramping up and sucking the life out of me... But, I did it :) And that made me very happy.

This is humiliating.

Colin stared at the wall in front of him. Everything about it was normal…tap, showerhead, running water., except that it was all directly at eye level and he was covered in fur ….and female.
Christ, what the fuck happened to me.

“Hey sweetheart, you’re out of sorts today. You okay?” The hunka, gorgeous man currently soaping up his paw with a bright pink sponge, reached up and scratched him between his ears.

Oh, god that feels good. Before Colin formulated the thought, he had already pushed his head against the man’s hand again. He tried for the hundredth time to talk, but the only noise his vocal cords could make was an odd growl and screech. 

“That’s my girl, you just need a bit more love today don’t you.” The man leaning over him scratched down his spine to the base of Colin's tail.

Fuck that feels so damn good, but I’m not a fucking girl and if I knew what happened to my cock I’d feel much better about all this. Colin shifted his weight and almost slipped, catching himself in a split second. Cat-like reflexes, I get it now.  

Out of everything that had happened to him in the last twelve hours, waking up in the form of an apparently domesticated, large, cat, without claws, wasn’t the worst of it. It was the loss of his favourite appendage that continued to be the focus of his attention.

The last foggy memory he had from the previous night was trying to get the guy he’d brought home, out of his bed and out the door. Hook-ups for fine, but Colin didn’t do cuddles of sleepovers and the guy from the bar hadn’t been getting the hint.  Sure he’d been fueled with a bit more alcohol than normal. And yes maybe calling the guy a big pussy might not have been the nicest. But Colin had no idea when the guy replied “I’m not a pussy, but you will be.”..he was serious.

“There we go, baby girl. Let’s get your dried off and out of the tub.” Mr Hunky wrapped a towel around Colin’s head and started rubbing his neck and body.

I wish I knew your name. Colin didn’t believe it was coincidence that the guy who was apparently his keeper, was the same guy who’d brushed him off a few weeks ago. Another crazy bar night and Colin had tried so hard to get this guy into a bathroom for a quickie. He’d wanted to touch the muscles filling out his silk shirt. But no matter what he tried, Mr Hunky wouldn’t give him the time of night.
Now, here I am, finally in a bathroom with you. You’re shirtless, gorgeous and I’m… a fucking pussy cat.

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Jeffrey Ricker