Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Countdown to New Years - Day 26

As my first week is drawing to a close I've realized I enjoy thinking about what I'm going to post about. With the craziness of this time of year at my EDJ, thinking about positive things  is good mental practice. LoL

Today was harder than normal, might be a combination of a lot of things. There aren't any windows at my EDJ and I feel like I don't ever see the sun. Which is a one way ticket for my brain to sink into an unhappy place.

So off I went to the tanning beds with my husband today. I know they aren't exactly healthy for you but a quick ten minutes once a week really helps my mental process. 

I like laying there all toasty warm and cozy, imagining I'm on a beach somewhere. Ten minutes of peace and quiet and it's amazing how much I can get my thought process quieted down and semi organized.....or as close to organized that my brain will ever get. 

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