Saturday, 2 December 2017

Countdown to New Years Day 30

What made me smile today...I want to say not much because I'm not feeling good and I'm a bit of a grumpy bastard at the moment. 

I was turning into an icicle, at work today. A sure sign that I'm coming down  with something, especially when everyone else was complaining that the store was too hot. LoL I ended up popping down the hall to Ardene to get myself a sweater. I found not just a sweater but the most amazing t-shirt. This made me smile today and I instantly felt a little better. 
Lilo & Stitch is one of my girls favorite movies.  They are 18 & 20 now and they still both get excited when they see Stitch stuff. To be honest I'll be lucky if I ever actually get to wear this again because I'm willing to bet one of them will swipe it from me. 

We're not Samoan or Hawaiian but "Ohana" has always been something we used to explain to our kids that family doesn't just mean the people your related to. We have lots of people in our life who are chosen family, or we've adopted to be part of our motley crew.  
Ohana makes my heart smile

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