Sunday, 11 December 2016

Counting down to a New Year...21

What made me happy today.... having lunch with 10 of my fellow authors!!

Writing can be and is a very solitary adventure. It's so easy to feel like your all alone in the world, trying to figure things out and getting frustrated with things out of your control. Also there is the illusion that everyone else is doing so well and seems to have their shit together, while I can't slogging along making mistake after mistake.

But, getting together with a bunch of authors even for a couple hours is the most empowering and inspiring feeling. We're all in the same boat. Have the same frustrations, struggle with many of the same insecurities, and all often feel we're the only one. Being reminded that there are friends out there, even if we've only ever spoken online and this is our first chance to meet face to face. Is an amazing feeling.

The best part is we all committed to doing this on a fairly regular basis. It's a support group for a bunch of crazy people who live their lives listening to the voices in their heads....and it's normal.

Allison Cosgrove
AW Clarke
Erin Christofoli
Freya Barker
Gillian Jones
Kate Reedwood
Kerri Ann
Miranne Maguire
Shana Gray
Tricia Daniels