Sunday, 18 December 2016

Counting down to a New Year....17,16,15,14

It's that time of year when everything goes to hell in the retail world. I'm still making notes of what makes me happy and trying my best to be more positive and appreciated of my life. (although I'll admit there are moments when it's really difficult. LoL)

I've gotten myself quite behind over the past couple days and while I'd like to believe I'll stay on target over the coming weeks....there might be another "catch up" post done before it's all over. :)

But today I'm gong to share 4 more things that have made me happy over the past couple days.

1) A friend of mine on FB makes the most amazing paper roses ornaments and wreaths. They are gorgeous absolutly beautiful. One day I'd like to give that a try, but for now I'm going to stick with my version. Crochet hook and yarn, :) I think it turned out really I have 1. I figure in another decade or so I'll get a couple more finished. LoL

2) About 6 months ago I decided that I' was tired of touching up my hair every month because of my greys and I planned to grow all the colour out and go natural. Well....I do like my grey that's coming in. It's really pretty and sparkly but there isn't enough of it yet and after all this time I finally caved and covered them all up. I redid my streak though. After asking an informal poll on my FB page (Pink or Purple) Purple won by a landslide, but again I was inspired by a friend and decided to do both. It's purple with a thin bright pink segment down the centre.

3) My ongoing attempt to eat healthier, and start my day with something other than 2 cups of coffee has spawned something new. I came across a recipe for "Oatmeal to Go" It's like taking a bowl oatmeal and baking it into a portable version. It looked delicious and was crazy easy to make. I got a bag of "country trail mix" at Walmart and that's whats on some of them. The others have chocolate chips because that's the only way I can get anyone in this house to try something new. Put chocolate on it.

4) Winter got a late start for us this year...not that I'm complaining. I'm not a fan of snow and I really hate being cold. But that does mean I can pull out all my comfort food dinners again. The ones that are too heavy or hot for summer. Tonight I made Cottage Pie (not to be confused with Shepard's Pie, that's made with lamb). Not that it's close to a pie because I use the biggest dish I have and even then the savages cleared out half of it on one sitting. I'm going to have to hide some now so I can take it for lunch tomorrow!

Let's keep these happy thoughts going. Share what made you happy today in the comments. Even if it's small...some days are harder than others.

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