Saturday, 10 January 2015

Because some tears are good tears...

My husband walked into the room this evening took one look at me and asked. "What are you watching that you shouldn't be?"

I had to assure him that while YES, I was crying it wasn't because I'd watched the news or read an article on one of the atrocities that have occurred in either our present or past. To say I'm a "watering pot" is a bit of an understatement. I've cried at commercials and cartoons (remember Fievel in An American Tail?)

That bloody "Somewhere Out There" comes on and I'm in tears before the end of the first verse.

What I was watching was one of Shane Koyczan's poems "Heaven, or Whatever". It's no secret that I love this poet. His poems on Bullies or Trolls are powerful and something I can't recommend more.
This particular poem made me think of my grandparents and wishing they were still here. I'd love to have one more conversation about Coronation Street with my grandmother. Although I'd have to catch up on it because I haven't watched it since she passed beyond the veil. Cory Street and my Gran are locked together in my the back of my head and without's not the same.

This is starting to come across a bit melancholy which is not my intention. While I did cry they were tears that made me feel better afterwards. A chance to sit and remember the fun conversations. A bittersweet tear of loss but knowing that she has probably moved on to another life but I'll catch up with her one day.

When we do finally meet up in the afterlife, we'll sit on an old black white hounds-tooth couch and watch Cory Street while snacking on tea and jaffa cakes.

Do you miss anyone?

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  1. I really enjoyed Shane Koyczan's poem "Heaven, or Whatever". Thanks for sharing!