Friday, 28 November 2014

I did it!!!!

 I am so excited right now!!! I've made it to the end 50,536 words as of 10.58 on November 28th, 2014

My name has a pretty purple bar that says winner on it. And yes, I already ordered my "2014 Winner" t-shirt. It has a knight and a dragon on it. How could I resist! LOL

This has been a crazy month and if not for a number of other authors cheering me on I never would have made it. Roxy Mews and her daily check ins on facebook. (that she kept writing even when she passed the finish line herself!) Tracey Reid, Sarah Sexton, and Louisa Bacio all checked in every day and kept me focused on working and getting those words down even when I wanted to sit on my ass and knit.

As soon as I figure out how I can get the words from my brain on to paper without needing my hands I'll never stop knitting! :)

This isn't the end for this book though. I was a NaNo rebel this year. I started the month working on a short story for the Romancing the Capital convention in April. When I hit "The End" on that book, (at 16830 words) I switched gears and started working on a new full length novel.

I do have a goal of 70K on this new book and I want to have it finished by the end of December. I'm 33,526 words into it which means I need to write 36,474 words in the next 33 days.

Piece of cake :)

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