Saturday, 21 May 2016

Conversations with my characters

Jimmie: "Kayleigh, please please please.... can I keep him?"

Me: "Yes, I swear you will get him."

Jimmie: "Now?"

Me: "You know that Sammy's book is next after Jessie's and then I will write yours."

Jimmie:" But, you've been working on his for two years! I'm going to be ancient by the time you get around to me."

Me: "Sweetheart, I promise. I'm focused on you boys this year. I want to get Jessie, Sammy and yours written before the end of the year.

Jimmie: "Oh yeah? What about them?" **nods his head toward the two dragon shifters and their woman. "You've been binge reading the Wiccan Haus series. That means you're planning to write them before me."

Me: "You know the rules. Those who yell the loudest...."

Jimmie: *yelling at the top of his lungs* "Me! Me! Me! Me! Pretty please. With a cherry, chocolate and ice wine on top."

Me: "What do you know about ice wine?"

Jimme: Lots! I'm a sommelier and I LOVE Ontario wines! I'll talk about wine all night to you."

Me: "Really?"

Jimme: "Oh, yeah! Totally! Does this mean I can jump in front of Sammie?"

Me: "Maybe...."

Jimmie: "I have a song for you....I know you like to use them for inspiration."

Me: "You seem pretty sure of yourself Jimmie. What have you got for me?"

Jimmie: You tell me...

Me: " win. As soon as I finish Jessie and Malcolm's book. You're up."

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