Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Pursuing Their Fantasies Cover Reveal

TADA!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS?! Mina Carter is the artist behind this cover and I love it.

Pursuing Their Fantasies is set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during Dia de los Muertos. I have a bit of an obsession with sugar skulls so I was so thrilled to see the skulls behind my name. LOL 

Puerto Vallarta has special memories for me personally. It was my first trip down south and I went with my boyfriend at the time, who ended up being my husband. That was twenty years ago now. When I wanted to write a romance set in Mexico there was only one town I could imagine setting it in.

We went back a little over a year ago and while the town had changed a lot in two decades there were still landmarks that I recognized. (The little boy riding a seahorse is one of them.)

Pursuing Their Fantasies is scheduled to be released on February 20th.

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