Friday, 21 July 2017

The Authors of Wanna Be Bad - Katherine Deane

Wanna Be Bad is an anthology of  hot and sexy stories about forty-something women who find their first (or second) chance at love, after spending most of their adult life focused on other things. This week, I'm introducing you to the fabulous authors who have contributed to this collection.

Today I'm featuring Katherine Deane, author of One Step At A Time.

What did you like best about writing a mature heroine?
I am almost 45 years old and have really sensed a change in myself. I have learned there is a difference in heroines from 30 to 40, for example after 40 you need to remember to cross your legs when you sneeze. It was just refreshing to utilize my own life experiences.

Do you prefer to work on one book at a time or do you have multiple stories on the go?
If my brain allowed me to do the 20 different stories going on in my mind at once I would, however I can only focus on one story at at time. Case in point trying to talk on phone and making dinner at the same time.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
One surprising thing I've learned is that the more of myself I put into my stories, the more I enjoy them. The more I love them. My creativity is the most closely linked to my emotions
A forty-three-year-old divorcee finds love in the arms of a younger man while training for the hardest race of her life. Which will prove to be more difficult? Running a grueling one hundred-thirty-five mile race through Death Valley or the not-so-socially acceptable relationship her family won’t accept?


“Lasagna still has another twenty minutes. How about a few minutes of me thanking you properly for all you’ve done for me?” She led him to the couch and gazed up at him from beneath her dark eyelashes, biting her lower lip before giving him a playful, almost secretive, smile. “Have a seat, and I’ll do the rest.”

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asked as she knelt before him and opened his zipper, releasing his already-hard cock.

Her eyes blazed with heat, and she licked her lips. “Hell, yeah, I’m hungry. Now, hold still so I can do naughty things that will make your head spin.”

“I’m not too worried about my head right now.” He groaned when she licked the base of his hard penis and took all of him into her mouth. “God. I don’t even remember my name with you doing that.”

“You’ll remember mine.” She growled, a husky tinge to her voice. “Shaylee Markle.” She sucked him hard and popped off again. “The woman who’s going to give you the best blowjob of your life. Say it.” She took him deep in her throat and did the most amazing thing with her tongue, before pulling off again. “Say my name.”

“Holy shit, Shay.” He fisted the edge of the couch as she engulfed him with her tight throat, her mouth so hot and wet. “Shaylee, God.” He felt like a teenager again, ready to blow his load in one minute flat. But that’s what this treasure of a woman did to him.

Her blonde head bobbing up and down, she looked him in the eye while giving him the best mouth fucking of his entire life. The little swirl of her tongue, combined with the tight heat and the way her mouth shimmied up and down; he wouldn’t last much longer.

She released him with a loud pop and gave him a heated look that scorched his whole body, her eyes molten with lust and power. Licking him from base to tip, she grinned lasciviously up at him. “I can tell you’re holding off.” She licked him again and swirled her tongue around his head. “Don’t.” Another lick. “I want you to come in my mouth, down my throat. I want to swallow every last drop of you so you can mark me from the inside as yours. Want to mark me, baby?”


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